This is a fun side project, a Tetrominio one. I'm researching new ways to monetize and transfer tokens between different games, creating simple and compelling UI interfaces, and playing with different game platforms. I am working on UI design, UX research, and XR implementation using Unity.
Some plans and research.
This is the first Hi-Fi prototype. It was a classic approach with a basic dynamic, but it helped us see some interaction issues and allowed us to define some problems of usability and distraction after a first quick user test. Also, we tested some different monetization systems and how to implement a cross-game reward system. 
This is the second Hi-Fi prototype. This one presents a cleaner UI and other functionalities and features, and it also implements the one-coin system throughout the entire ecosystem. 
The project is currently in the developer's hands. They will be angry if I post the code here, so we will probably share it here soon and in our Github accounts.
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